How to convert HALOGEN to LCI HEADLIGHT with a ICOM cable

It’s a HALOGEN TO LCI HEADLIGHT Tutorial!!!! Excuse my English I hope this help some of you guys! In this site you will see the diagram for wiring! Now after you know what your going to do with the wiring uninstall the frm and install frm2. You will need NCS expert and Winkfp and inpa! and the icom cable obd to the computer! when you get the cable just read instruction and you ill be fine.. but just in case if your cable didnt bring the instruction here is how to progContinue Reading→

How to activate Internet sevice Combox/CIC

Thread: HOW TO: activating internet service Combox/CIC (Internet via Customer Mobile Phone) Here is a short description what you need to do to activate Internet in your bmw car. This information is absolutely free, so there is no need to pay anyone for this « TOP-SECRET » internet activation procedure!! I did it like described here for myself and it worked this way instantly without problems. There might be other ways to activate internet or maybe I did some steps which are useless, howevContinue Reading→

What is INPA/Ediabas?

INPA is a diagnostic interpreter program that communicates with your car using BMW’s own factory developed Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol (EDIABAS). INPA is a powerful and comprehensive diagnostic tool but there is no simple handbook available that I know of which will comprehensively explain its operation or functions. The bottom line with INPA is if you do not understand what a particular function does, you are probably better off leaving that function alone, but having saiContinue Reading→

(Solved) ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed

Help figure out BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-P Error 94201: technical service initialization failed ISTA D – work perfect but ISTAP shows error message: 94201: technical service initialization failed, 10007 (CIP) Fault during initialization of EDIABAS 1000000 Global unknown Solution 1: install EDIABAS_7.3.0 patched,and try, 100% work!T9QHDQRT!Cr0xX_N7Bc5CAojxlpcFI50zWfz_Jd8TcM352Lt4E8I Solution 2: If using D+CAN cable you need to run ‘network tool&rsquoContinue Reading→

BMW E46 ZCS Coding Solution: NCS Expert or Vpecker Easydiag

Which tool is better for BMW E46 ZCS coding? BMW ICOM NCS Expert or Vpecker Easydiag diagnostic tool? Basic info: ZCS information is saved in FA modules: Option 1: E46 ZCS Coding with NCS Expert You can use a cheap K+DCAN cable or ICOM A2 emulator to run with NCS Expert Open NCS Expert software In Menu, select “File”, then “Load Profile” Select “ExpertMode”, “OK” Then “VIN / ZCS / FA” Then “ZCS / FA f. ECU” button Then “E46”,“OK” Then “KMB” or “EWS” in the E46, “OK” VContinue Reading→

How to set up BMW ICOM on ISTA Rheingold step by step?

Here is a detailed tutorial to guide you: How to set up BMW ICOM on BMW ISTA Rheingold software? It’s useful when you first use ISTA with ICOM! Suitable ICOM interface: BMW ICOM A2 WIFI Recommended ISTA software: 03.2017 BMW ISTA 4.04.12 BMW ISTA Rheingold ICOM set up steps Step 1: Open « Local Area Connection » Properties→ « Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) » Properties. Enter IP address: Enter Subnet mask: Step 2: If VMware is installed, open Continue Reading→

BMW ICOM vs K+DCAN cable, which one you need?

What can you do with an BMW ICOM emulator, and which you cannot do with a K+DCAN cable? (especially in for E series) Here is something useful for education. ICOM A2 K+Dcan cable Diagram: Price: €469.00 €17.45 Vehicles: New and old BMW vehicles: E & F series up to 2017 Old BMW E series (1998 – 2008) Software: ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P Inpa/Ediabas, Ncs expert, Winkfp, E-sys, ETK, Easyconnect, Itoolradar, BMW standard tool, coding database, coding tool INPA/Ediabas ICOM caContinue Reading→

Réinitialiser le capteur d’angle de direction BMW, Tool32 ou INPA?

Voici deux solutions de réinitialisation BMW capteur d’angle de braquage, un à l’ aide de BMW ICOM ENET Toolset 32 pour BMW Série F, l’autre en utilisant le câble INPA K + DCAN pour BMW Série E. Pourquoi vous avez besoin de réinitialiser SAS? Le capteur d’angle de braquage (SAS) est une partie essentielle du système ESC qui mesure l’angle de position du volant et la vitesse du tour. Lorsque l’alignement des roues se fait ou la direction physique réContinue Reading→

Téléchargement Gratuit BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA 4.03.13 (Torrent)

Dans ce blog vous offrir gratuitement lien de téléchargement du plus récent BMW Rheingold ISTA + 4.03.13 Standalone / SDP 02.04.31 / ISTA-P 1! Aussi ISTA 04.02.14 lien est ici. Mates profiter , mais aussi essayer sur votre propre risque! Téléchargement gratuit BMW ISTA + 4.03.13 Standalone / SDP 02.04.31 / ISTA-P!UkokgQhC!Vpviwwre4R32W0oVDsIl5Wt0-bTuo7Y8qOHXz3FCGXU BMW ISTA logiciel 4.03.13 liste des paquets: Standalone / SDP de téléContinue Reading→

Comment retraiter ICOM A2 avec un dissipateur thermique pour refroidir les puces

Ceci est une excellente solution de l’ ICOM A2 reworkwith un dissipateur thermique qui est refroidit les deux puces. (GREAT MERCI à B1257) Maintenant , voici quelques images sur le radiateur je fis. Picture1 Comme vous pouvez le voir dans mon chemin le radiateur est fait avec deux parties. La plaque centrale principale qui sera ensuite toucher le dossier complet pour une meilleure dissipation de la chaleur. Et deuxièmement la petite plaque de CPU qui est collée avec une pâte Bound Continue Reading→

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