JLR Mangoose Review: can do nearly everything like the dealer

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Today, I’d like to share some of the details about my cloned Mongoose lead with JLR SDD to reset the transmission adaptations.

This gets complicated and long winded. The correct tool (mongoose lead) to use is made by Drew Industries in the USA and retails for around $500 – $600. You the need to download the latest JLR SDD software (now version 154) but the catch is you need to have a very expensive subscription to Topix to get the necessary config files. This is basically what main dealers use.

To get round this, Mangoose clone leads are readily available from obd2diy.fr for around $100 and to avoid subscription problems, use an older version of JLR SDD that comes with all the necessary config files built in, no downloads needed.

(Updated: SDD is updated to version 154. I got the link from http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2018/08/22/download-jlr-sdd-154-software-patch-free-crack-100-tested/ – worked on my clone lead)

Now the fun begins and gets complicated.

It has to run on Windows XP, anything newer won’t work. I set up a windows XP virtual image on my modern Dell laptop and although JLR SDD installed fine, it could not see the cloned mongoose lead when plugged in. After much frustration, head scratching and Googling, the problem seemed to be related to USB 3 ports on my laptop that’s not compatible with Windows XP.

If you’re still with me this far, I used my old, antique Toshiba laptop running XP, installed the software and the lead connected with no problems. You have to put the laptops date back to 2012 or else it will come up with an error saying your files are out of date. Also your internet needs to be off to stop anything trying to update itself.

You can do nearly everything a dealer can do except programming keys (as far as I’m aware). It will let you reset the transmission adaptations and even turn on and off dealer options such as chirping when locking and unlocking.
I turned off the break window sensor as every time the weather turns stormy, the alarm goes off.

A big word of advise is DO NOT TRY TO RE-PROGRAM MODULES !!!!! On your head be it!

I tried to update the ECM to the latest version and bricked it. The car was totally dead. It cost me £150 for an identical second hand ECM and £200 for a local indy to come to me and reprogram every thing back. You have been warned.

Also the JLR SDD software is not very user friendly, it takes awhile to learn how to use.