Download JLR SDD 154 Software + Patch: FREE, Crack, 100% Tested

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Free download Jaguar and Land Rover SDD 154 software and patch:

Link 1: Jaguar and Land Rover SDD 154 software from the dealer


Link 2: JLR SDD 154 patch from obd2diy.fr

a mega link will be updated here


Date: 22-08-2018

Version: SDD 154

Password: Not required

Activation: Crack sw – no need activation

Operation System: Windows 7 32bit

Video:  JLR SDD 154 Windows 7 Install


  • Installation of the Full SDD Software and Software Updates (All)

Failure to complete the installation procedure as instructed will cause the SDD Software to not function correctly. This would result in the SDD software having to be removed and installed again.

The use of third party Firewalls and Anti-Virus software will cause the installation and
functionality of SDD to be affected and may result in SDD not installing correctly.
Refer to Administration Bulletin; JAB00034 & LAB00038 for further information.
For US/Canada refer to: SDD Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide on TOPIx under:
Documents > Diagnostics > IDS / SDD.

1. Download the Full Installation file eg. ‘SDD_154.00_FULL.exe’.

2. Download all available Software Updates and install the update in numerical order eg.
3. Restart the SDD Machine.


  • To update from SDD 153.01 to SDD 154.00:

1. Download and install the current Update Installation file eg. ‘SDD 154_153 UPDATE.exe’.
2. Download all available Software Updates and install the updates in numerical order eg.‘SDD 154.01.exe’.
3. Restart the SDD Machine.


Test Report:

Confirmed to work (diagnostics and programming) with diagnostic tools for Jaguar and Land Rover which works with SDD v139 v141 v142 v145….

Mangoose Pro cable: confirmed!

Vxdiag VCX Nano Jaguar & Land Rover: confirmed!

JLR VCI: confirmed! (install sw and patch, then connect to the car…driver will be installed automatically)


JLR DoIP VCI: works with SDD 06-2016 and Pathfinder diagnostic software 2017

VCM 2 clone: in theory,  SDD V154 should work with VCM 2 clone. Professionals have not tested yet. But VCM2 JLR SDD 154 test result will be updated here.


Test Result: JLR SDD 154 software works like a charm!

jlr-sdd-v154-download-1 jlr-sdd-v154-download-2 jlr-sdd-v154-download-3 jlr-sdd-v154-download-4