Xentry Connect vs China C5 vs SDconnect C4 vs eCOM

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Thread: Xentry Connect Vs. China C5 Vs. SDconnect


I had both the SD C4, the Fake C5 and the Original dealer Xentry C5 with Tab in use.

1. SD C4
Nothing to say really, if you had a C4 you’d know what it is and how it is build up.

2. Fake C5
Basically a C4 PCB etc. in a C5 Mux Shell. It lacks of SD Card port and Battery port. But you can still use Batteries (with a small battery tray that you have to connect with a 6 pin + – connector to the mux externally). If you know what you do, you can put the tray inside the C5 Fake.

3. Original Xentry C5
Features USB Ports, 1 Charging port near the USB Ports, has as far as I know a HDD inside with fans and seperate PCB. It also has some 6 or 8 (not sure atm) copper plated pads near the HDD casing which could be used to charge it? Not sure tho. Maybe another way to access the Xentry connect for servicing. The new C5 also has DoIP with new cable. This can be retrofited to the old C4 too if you have the right pcb addon and new cable.

Hope it helped!


I bought “Original Clone Xentry Connect C5” from China’s retail store in 2017/12.

Good thing

1. Unlike bad products of C5 type C4 motherboard, texture is good
2. DoIP specification

Bad thing

1. Because it is VM system + 32bit, the reaction is slow (SSD though …)
2. Vediamo can be used, but feeling like driving with DELL D 630 (unsuitable)
3. The DTS Monaco software is installed but the connection with the vehicle is NG (currently retail stores and manufacturer engineers are thinking about how to fix it)
4. Passwords are applied to each drive, making it hard to customize
5. Retail shops and manufacturer engineers lack knowledge (take time to support)

My thoughts

I think purchasing this product is still early.

There are too many trouble elements.

I’ll report it when the situation changes.

Best regards

What I currently use (stable and comfortable)

New car: eCom (64 bit)
Normal: Clone SDConnect C4 (64 bit)
Old car: Clone C3


eCom – laboratory\development tool. Most cheap and light. Can’t be used with DAS\HHT vehicles. Does not support kline communication. Need to be specially setup on any diag sw installation.

SDConnect – workshop\robust tool. Most universal in use. The only limitation is kline communication in Vediamo from ver5* Easy to setup. In most cases work as is.

Xentry Connect – workshop\robust tool. Very big and heavy. Most expensive. Similar to SDConnect because it is like PC+multiplexer in one housing .Has very specific setup as update blue ray disk has not installer but full HDD image with OS + user application. Complicated in installing additional software as you do not have direct assess to operating system.



“China clone C5” has a poor quality SDConnect C4 (China clone) PCB built in.

It is a bad product and the texture of the exterior is also very poor.

I bought five sets (serial number: 101044/613401/100925) from Chinese sales companies (three companies).

Serial number: 101044/613401 broke soon

Only serial number: 1010925 worked but occasionally, freeze (unstable)

“China clone C5” is not recommended

Best regard


Addition: strange symptoms of serial number: 613401

32bit ⇒ OK for DAS vehicles only, Xentry vehicles for NG

64bit ⇒ NG … error (1.2) -2.503.9912 / firmware update success … but error (1.2) -2.503.9912

Best regard

In summary,

The original are always your best option. As for China clones, have a HQ SD connect C4 and youll never come back. There are some C5 of good quality definitely but alot of bad clones there also. You need luck if with China C5.