SDconnect C4 Comprehensive Component List: From Clone to Genuine

Here someone from provides a comprehensive list of which component on Chinese SDconnect C4 mux to change to a genuine one, including the MLCC values The RAM for the PPC on the top is DDR SDRAM (16Mx16) (search for k4h56xx38j_66tsop2_rev10.pdf). Alliance, ISSI, and Winbond make crosses for it. The parallel NOR on the CPU side is an S29GL (3.3V, 64Mbit, parallel NOR — you can still find those around without too much trouble). The C166 you can find via Octopart (XC161CJ-Continue Reading→

How to install MB HHT (Hand Held Tester) on Windows 64 bit

BIG THANKS TO persona! All here is his contribution. If you want to share the content, please show your respect to the original. Basically: i (@persona) create windows xp virtual pc (vhd), called windows xp mode (you can try making win 7 32bit vhd etc etc). then i copy HHT program (or install) in its C drive, make hhtpkw shortcut to its desktop. i am sure this is the way MB Engineers did and hide it from public. When configured correctly, with fast computer, the end-user will never know thContinue Reading→

Xentry Connect vs China C5 vs SDconnect C4 vs eCOM

Thread: Xentry Connect Vs. China C5 Vs. SDconnect MD20: I had both the SD C4, the Fake C5 and the Original dealer Xentry C5 with Tab in use. 1. SD C4 Nothing to say really, if you had a C4 you’d know what it is and how it is build up. 2. Fake C5 Basically a C4 PCB etc. in a C5 Mux Shell. It lacks of SD Card port and Battery port. But you can still use Batteries (with a small battery tray that you have to connect with a 6 pin + – connector to the mux externally). If you know what yContinue Reading→

MB SCN Coding meaning, service, software, forum (All included)

MB Star SCN Coding offline/online (FAQs) Part 1: Basic info you should know scn coding meaning: Software Calibration Number coding, short for SCN coding is intrudes by MB around 2005. It replaced the previous coding technique with a centralized and almost automated technique to prevent incorrect coding being selected when replacing a module. scn coding service: Can be done online or offline xentry offline scn coding activation service: Reading→

Searches related to BMW ICOM: ICOM software, ICOM Next/A3/A2/A

BWM ICOM clone any recommendation? Here are the searches related to BMW ICOM 1: BMW ICOM software This is 2017.03 bmw icom software: ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P, tested by ISTA-D 4.04.12………100% tested & worked! ISTA-P………100% tested & worked! BMW ETK 2017.2………100% tested & worked! BMW KSD 09.2016 ………100% tested & worked! INPA………100% tested & woContinue Reading→

Why Dell D630 laptop is needed when buying SD Connect C4?

Here lists some of reasons why need to buy MB Star C4 With Laptop diagnostic system: —With the Dell D630’s dedicated serial port, there was no issue for me…. it was plug and play… I just loaded the HDD from the Seller into my Dell and all I needed to do was activate WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS with « activation keys »… I only use the Dell for mb star sd c4 purposes… —Bought an older Dell D630 laptop with a serial port and plan on buying MB SD Star C4  directly installed in aContinue Reading→