Test Platform Cable User Manual

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 Test Platform Cable User Manual (obd2diy.fr)


1.Wiring Connection



Dashboard (ok to connect/disconnect)

Emergency-start antenna


Power positive



12V power supply

Figure 1. Wiring Connection

Finish each connector connection/installation. (Refer to Figure 1)

2.Key Position


Put the key marked with red (see above pic.2) on the coil

Figure 2. Emergency-Start Antenna

Put the part (of the key) marked with red on the antenna.  (Refer to Figure 2)

3.START/STOP button operation


D1: START/STOP button’s indicator- light on when the power supply is connected

D2: Automatic stop and start function (MSA) indicator- default status: light off

D3: Engine fire shutoff switch’s indicator (to replace the dashboard and display the status of the engine fire shutoff switch)- light on when the switch is turned on and light off when the engine is turned off

How to turn on the engine fire shutoff switch:

Put the working key on the coil;

Press the button;

Engine fire shutoff switch indicator (D3) lights on;

(If the indicator fails to light on, wait for 3-5 seconds and press it again)

How to turn off the engine fire shutoff switch:

Press it continuously for 3 times;

Engine fire shutoff switch indicator (D3) lights off- engine fire shutoff switch is turned off