How to update KESS V2 FW 4.036 Ksuite 2.33 to Ksuite 2.35?

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KESS V2 FW 4.036 Ksuite 2.33 update to latest Ksuite 2.35! Here is KESS V2 2.35 WIN XP installation guide!

Tested OK:

SE87-C KESS V2 FW 4.036 Cheapest

SE87-D KESS V2 4.036 Best

SE87-CK KESS V2 4.036 Truck

How to install new Ksuite 2.35 software WIN XP for KESS V2 Firmware 4.036?

Note: Before installation, please disconnect all Internet connection!

Step 1

Open KSuite 2.35 (E:) and “KSuite V2.25-V2.35” folder.

kess-v2-firmware-fw-4-036-ksuite-2-35-software-installation-1 kess-v2-firmware-fw-4-036-ksuite-2-35-software-installation-2

And run “Setup 2.35”, the KSuite V2.35 software setup file.


Step 2

It will pop up K-Suite setup wizard as below:

Click “Next” → “I accept…” → “Next” → “Install”.


Then click “Yes” to agree Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 License Terms.

Select language as “U.S English”.


Click “Next” until “Finish”.

Click the “KSUITE” bar on the bottom of desktop.

Click to choose “English”.


Step 3

Right click the “K-Suite” shortcut and choose “Properties”.

Under the “shortcut” tab, click “Find target”.


It will open the “KSuite” folder.

Delete the “help” folder.


And go to KSuite 2.35 (E:), copy the “help” folder to “KSuite” folder.


Step 4

Then it will pop up a Found New Hardware Wizard.

Click “Next” then “Finish”.


The USB Device is exist. (Right click “My Computer”→ “Manage”→ “Device Manager” to find it)


Now KESS V2 FW 4.036 Ksuite 2.35 installation is finish!

Open this new Ksuite 2.35 software and use it with KESS V2 Firmware 4.036, no problem!

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