Kess V2 KSUITE error: External exception EEFFACE (SOLVED)

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This the solution for Kess V2 KSUITE V2.15 error message— External exception EEFFACE, supported by diyobd2 technicians.

Kess V2 (French) / Kess V2 (multi-language)

Kess V2 users disable the network connection before KSuite installation, but it prompts: External exception EEFFACE, when installation
kess-v2-external-exception-EEFFACE-e1445588148127 kess-v2-external-exception-EEFFACE-1
Solution by profession technicians at
1. The driver must be installed correctly.
2. If the drive is installed properly and work well,
(1) try to disassemble the device Kess v2, and re-isntall TF card,
(2) to get the chip on the card socket a bit higher, to make the chip and the socket connect well,
(3) wipe the chip, to make it cleaner.

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