How to program ATMEGA64 in XPROG with UPA-USB

Programmeur De Calculateur

Here is a picture that explains everything about how to program the ATMEGA64 repair chip in XPROG with UPA-USB programmer.


Finally, I publish the final version of XPROG schematic diagram rev. B. Fixed some bugs and added marking elements, as well as on the original PCB to XPROG-BOX from ELDB.

XPROG-schematic-diagram-1 XPROG-schematic-diagram-2 XPROG-schematic-diagram-3

Download XPROG schematic diagram on Mega for details:

(Big thanks to the contributor @ Holtek from http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/…XPROG-m-Schematic-diagram-and-documentation/)