How to build Mercedes EIS/ELV Test Cables yourself

This is an instruction of how to build Mercedes-Benz EIS/ELV test cables on your own.

W212 W246 W166

W203 W463 W639

W166 W246




W202 W2208W 210

W215 W220 W230

W204 W207 W212


Skill and knowledge are required for building MB test cable. If you are equipped with that, to DIY test cables will help you save a lot. However, if you are not skilled enough, forget it! It will be better to spend some dollars to buy working MB EIS/ELV test adapters, to use with security.

Working MB EIS/ELV test cables from, can works together with VVDI MB BGA tool, have been tested no issues on Mercedes W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 W205 W222. (No need to have a car for test)

MB Cable Features:
the first is Gearbox computer refresh diagnostic cable,
the last one is Hanging lever computer refresh diagnostic cable.
8 cables in total; add 2 new cables

VVDI BGA test cables’ application:
The EIS ELV maintenance
Key programmer
Detection key

Mercedes EIS/ELV test cable display: