Slica SBB V33.02 dumps download & How to update Slica SBB clone/original

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This is how to update Slica SBB key programmer clone / original, with Slica SBB V33.02 dumps download.

Part 1: How to update genuine SBB electronic machine

The 1st thing to do is to power up the device that you want to update, then connect the device to the computer through Serial or USB cable.

When the device is powered up and connected to the computer, start the program “Wintransfer” from menu:

Start -> Silca Software -> Wintransfer

And select the machine of your interest (in this case RW4):
Press “Select” button to continue

1. Select the COM port, generally for serial cable is 1 or 2, for USB the port should be 6, 7 or 8.
2. Verify that machine is the machine that you want to update.
3. Pressing on “Online documentation” button you can see the device manual and how to configure and install USB drivers ports.
4. Click on button “Test connection” , the program try to communicate with the device, and if all is OK it show the device serial number (detail 5) and the software loaded in the machine (detail 7). If the program fail to connect to the device verify that you are using the right communication port.
5. If you want pressing button “Set Serial Number” you can change the device serial number.
6. Detail 6 shows the software version that Wintransfer program can load on the device.
7. Press “LOAD SOFTWARE UPDATE” button to update the machine.

The update procedure starts, this may take several seconds.


Now, is possible that the device software version that the Wintranfer is able to load in the machine is the same of the software version already loaded, to verify if there are further updates you can use the “Silca Remote Service” feature clicking on “Run Silca Remote Service” button (detail 9).

A new windows shows up, click on updates button:
the window change:

Then click “Check” button (detail 1), the program make a connection to Silca and check if there are some software updates.

In this case for RW4 machine there are new version, select the RW4 machine and click on “Download” button, wait that the download process is done and then you can close Silca Remote Service clicking on “Exit” button.

Now the Wintransfer is updated, and you can load on the RW4 the latest software available.

Part 2: How to update Slica SBB clone to version 33

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Again, this is update for china clone.

Do it on your own risk !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the how-to’s…

download versions for SBB keyprog. MHH has a few on the forum.
inside the file, you will find three bin files: U3, U4 and atmel 24C16
U3 and U4 are bin files for flashes COP48 is mask and fleshs are 29F016TI-90G.
Atmel 24C16 is bin file for EEPROM
desolder from SBB PCB U4, U3 and 24C16… and put them in a programmer, read it and SAVE ORIGINAL DUMP from them !!!!!!!!!

then you can reprogram them with new version that you downloaded
and finally, when you solder 24C16 EEPROM on SBB PCB, lift Pin 7 EEPROM from PCB and conect it directly to Pin 8


and then you have a write Protect on EEPROM 24C16

Close your SBB key programmer and you can work

i try to update mine and i broke it i got only back light for lcd and not work. but i buy new and try again and i success


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