Super SBB2: 2011 Ford Expedition IMMO: NO! Dash: Yes!

(30-07-2018) Super SBB2 key programmer test report: Car: 2011 Ford Expedition USA Connection: through OBD Dashboard: Yes Immobilizer: No Test: Super SBB2 key programmer immobilizer: 2011 Expedition No Result: failed to connect! Super SBB2 key programmer dashboard: 2011 Expedition Yes Result: success! Credits to professionals working for the test! Continue Reading→

Slica SBB V33.02 dumps download & How to update Slica SBB clone/original

This is how to update Slica SBB key programmer clone / original, with Slica SBB V33.02 dumps download. Part 1: How to update genuine SBB electronic machine The 1st thing to do is to power up the device that you want to update, then connect the device to the computer through Serial or USB cable. When the device is powered up and connected to the computer, start the program “Wintransfer” from menu: Start -> Silca Software -> Wintransfer And select the machine of your interest (in this cContinue Reading→

SBB Silca Key Programmer V33 Avis: Qu’est-ce que sont testés OK?

Ce blog est avis sur SBB Key Programmer V33 sur ce que la voiture et la programmation des touches sont testés OK par d’autres utilisateurs. Espérons que cela vous aide! SBB Key Programmer Testé OK Liste du véhicule: Opel Opel Frontera 2.2 diesel: ajouté un OK à distance utilisé Opel Zafira 2.0 DTI 2001 (broche de la décharge) moins de 3 minutes pour terminer Opel Meriva 2011: lire le code pin ok, ok clé apprendre Opel Corsa C 2003/2004: code PIN lu ok, ok clé apprendre Opel MContinue Reading→

How to choose key programmers for your VAG vehicles

According customer feedback, here we diyobd2 provide some suggestions about key programmer only for VAG vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Scania, MAN. For new VAG vehicle from 2007 to now 1. VVDI VAG 2. FVDI VAG For old VAG Vehicle before 2007 3. SBB 4. T300 5. MVP For old and new vehicles 6. MVP 7. KEY Pro M8 Part 1. For VAG vehicle before 2007 Customer suggestion: VVDI and FVDI are two popular diagnostic tools in the mContinue Reading→

What Clone Slica SBB key can do and can not do?

I have a clone Slica SBB key programmer. I have used it for more than 30 times. I feel it is necessary to make some comment. What SBB key programmer can do and what is good: 1. The Chinese Clone looks just like a real deal with right stick on it and all 2. The clone comes with well (best) software and can direct connect with OBD port 3. It will work right out of the box, no tokens needed 4. Supports most of car models PIN reading and crucial match and can match keys devoid of original importContinue Reading→

Program Peugeot 307 key: Lexia3 PP2000, SBB V33 or Zed Bull

Si vous avez perdu la clé maître et avez mal besoin d’une nouvelle clé programmée, vous serez coté euro 50-euro 200 d’un endroit à l’autre. C’est un peu cher. Quel dispositif pouvez-vous programmer une nouvelle clé Peugeot? ici donne quelques suggestions: 1) Programmateur à clé auto SBB V33 (disponible en français) Le clone programmateur clé Silica SBB V33 programmera ma clé de rechange Peugeot 307 HDI par l’intermédiaire d’un systèContinue Reading→