Digiprog 3 V4.94 screen splash problem (fixed)

Révision KM d'Odomètre

After power on Digiprog 3 v4.94 odometer correction master (Item No: SM47), the device wakeup with power on to a splash screen (not white screen or blue screen, see error picture)
Possible reason:
1. Connect with computer incorrectly
2. Due to the transportation problem

Disconnect Digiprog3 main unit from computer
Restart the DP3 mileage change tool again
If the screen back to normal, problem has been solved
If the problem still remains, you have to send back the main unit for repair

1. If the device had the splash screen error as soon as you received the machine, we are responsible for the repair transportation expenses. But if the machine has been used OK for some time and suddenly get the problem, you need to pay the shipping cost yourself.

2. Best quality digiprog 3 (SM47/SM47-B) will not have blue/white screen issue.