BMW E60 Window Reset with Launch X431 PRO3

Purpose: BMW Window Reset

Device: Launch X431 PRO3

Model: 2005 BMW E60


Run X-431 PRO3 app

European, then BMW

BMW V49.31 (can diagnose the elec. control sys.)

Connecting Bluetooth

X431 PRO3 BMW menu, select Reset service

Info: if equipped with two sockets, 16-pin & 20-pin, please use [BMW-20] connector

BMW info: 2005 BMW E60 520i

Auto scan


Special function16

Initialise power window regulators

Perform initialising power window regulators

Switch on terminal 15 (ignition)

You can initialise the power windows as follows using the diagnostics procedure.

Connect the battery charger to the vehicle before performing the initialisation.

Close all vehicle doors

The relevant power windows are activated during initialisation

Select power windows regulator

Initialise [4] passenger’s side, rear

Once the initialisation procedure is complete, check whether you can open and close the window on the passenger’s side, rear in automatic mode without a fault occurring (one-touch control function)

Result: success!