Diagnose Peugeot Partner by Launch EasyDiag X431 PRO3 app OK

This blog will show you: how to diagnose Peugeot Partner using Launch EasyDiag 2.0 and Launch X431 PRO3 software? Tested read& clear DTC codes, perform actuation test OK! Plug Launch EasyDiag adapter into Peugeot Partner OBD port. When both red and blue indicators on, the connection is OK. Install Launch X431 PRO3 software on a Android or IOS tablet. Open the software and select Peugeot. You will open Launch X431 software Peugeot V43.11. Choose “Automatically Search” and yoContinue Reading→

BMW E60 Window Reset with Launch X431 PRO3

Purpose: BMW Window Reset Device: Launch X431 PRO3 Model: 2005 BMW E60 Procedure: Run X-431 PRO3 app European, then BMW BMW V49.31 (can diagnose the elec. control sys.) Connecting Bluetooth X431 PRO3 BMW menu, select Reset service Info: if equipped with two sockets, 16-pin & 20-pin, please use [BMW-20] connector BMW info: 2005 BMW E60 520i Auto scan FRM ECU IDENTIFY Special function16 Initialise power window regulators Perform initialising power window regulators SwitcContinue Reading→