Jetta 2008 Brake Electronics Coding with Launch X431 Pro 3

Launch X431

It’s my experience of brake electronics coding on Jetta 2008 with Launch X431 Pro 3 scan tool.

I have this vehicle Jetta 2008 2.5L, everything was OK. until the owner replace the brake pads, some guy try to reset the service but I think he change the coding of Brake electronics.

Now I have this error “01044 Control Module incorrectly coded: Mechanical Failure”.

So I try many times with different variable with Launch x431 Pro 3, but at the end with the same result, I don’t know what more to do.

Red ecu memory

Diagnostic system: 03 brake electronics

Ecu coding: 0021122


Red ecu memory

Diagnostic system: 01 engine electronics

Ecu coding: 0000001


brake electronics (J104) coding

Jetta-Brake-Electronics-Coding-with-Launch-X431-Pro3-3 Jetta-Brake-Electronics-Coding-with-Launch-X431-Pro3-4

I tested codes 641, 4738, 4742, 17025 or 21126 but I had the same problem, incorrect coding mechanical failure, also I test putting 00000 in coding, then disconnect the battery for a half hour, then coding again with 21122.

Then test this and worked!
+0000000 golf
+0000002 = FN III 54 15″/16″ (PR-1ZE/1LJ/1ZP/1ZD/1LL)
+0000640 = Standard/Sport Suspension (PR-2UA/2UC OR PR-UA0/UA1/UA9)
+0004096 = 1.9l TDI PD / 2.0l FSI / 2.0l SDI PD & All with Automatic Transmission

—>>4738 is the test value if the car have ABS based TPMS

it the car doesnt have this

ad to the value
+0016384 = without ABS based Tire Pressure Monitoring (PR-7K0/7K8)

value will be —->>21122