How to register+ activate Launch M-Diag Lite when first use?

Do you know where to download M-Diag app? How to resister, login and activate M-Diag? Launch M-Diag Lite user guide is available here:

What to do when first use Launch M-Diag Lite Bluetooth OBDII Adapter for IOS Android?

Step 1: Where to download Launch M-Diag Lite app? How?

For Android users, you can download Launch M-Diag Lite app on Google Play Store.

For IOS users, you can go to Apple Store to download.

Find the app to install and open.

Step 2: How to sign up and register Launch M-Diag Lite?

Go to “Mine” section to start registration.

Click “Sign Up for M-Diag” then “Join Us” button.

Enter your real email address, select your region and set your password.


Now you successfully register Launch M-Diag Lite app and create your GOLO M-Diag account!

Step 3: How to activate Launch M-Diag Lite by yourself?

It’s easy! You can find the serial number and activation code on envelope, it comes with the package.

Then go to “My Device” section.

Enter both the serial number and verification code.

Now you activate Launch M-Diag Lite successfully by yourself!

Step 4: Where to get Launch M-Diag Lite with one FREE car software?

Here you go: