Launch M-Diag Lite PCB compare with Easydiag, which better?

Below is a customer sharing: He bought Launch M-Diag Lite Plus, took it apart to check the PCB and said: M-Diag compare with Easydiag, mostly same but better contacts used in the diagnostic socket. Here are some real Launch M-Diag Lite PCB board pictures: Inside Launch M-Diag, I found a two-board design, the boards were tightly connected to each other by a pad of twenty jumpers. One board with a multiplexer and a processor, and the other with a Bluetooth module and power system. And yes, thContinue Reading→

Why Launch M-Diag Lite is better than ELM327 or Easydiag 2.0?

This blog compare new released Launch M-Diag Lite vs ELM327 vs Easydiag 2.0 vs Golo Easydiag. In a word, Launch M-Diag Lite wins among these Bluetooth OBDII adapters for Android IOS! Why Launch M-Diag Lite is better than ELM327? The biggest difference is Launch M-Diag Lite can do many special functions but ELM327 can only used to basically diagnose! Launch M-Diag Lite support 11 special functions: Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brakeContinue Reading→

How to register+ activate Launch M-Diag Lite when first use?

Do you know where to download M-Diag app? How to resister, login and activate M-Diag? Launch M-Diag Lite user guide is available here: What to do when first use Launch M-Diag Lite Bluetooth OBDII Adapter for IOS Android? Step 1: Where to download Launch M-Diag Lite app? How? For Android users, you can download Launch M-Diag Lite app on Google Play Store. For IOS users, you can go to Apple Store to download. Find the app to install and open. Step 2: How to sign up and register Launch M-DiagContinue Reading→