opcom 1.59 VS opcom 1.45 VS opcom 1.39, all inform here

opcom fw 1.59 opcom fw 1.45 opcom fw 1.39
Multiplexer  opcom-op-com-2010-v-1.59  opcom-v1.45  opcom-2009-v-v1.39
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Firmware version V1.59 1.45 1.45
Workable Software VAUX-COM_120309a VAUX-COM_120309a Opcom090714
Price €16.99 Free shipping €18.00 Free shipping €20.50 Free shipping
Language English English English, German
OS XP or Win7; make sure install dotnetfx35_SP1

system patch, or Opcom software can’t perform well; install on Win7 and open software, please choose Run as administrator

Software download http://www.obd2vip.com/download/op-com_120309a.zip http://www.obd2vip.com/html/opcom-op-com-2009-v-can-obd2-opel-software-download-112.html
Activation No need activation No need activation No need activation
Installation The video demo is on the CD in the package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7v6nDwzLb8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-33WcmgroM
Update Can’t update Can’t update Can’t update

More information to compare:
1. Customer feedback/ workable car models that are tested:
opcom fw 1.59
1)Opcom V1.60 is known to be buggy for Vectra-C so better to use v1.59 anyway

2) Op-com V1.59, Vectra C tested and its working like a charm

3) opcom v5 (1.59) hardware is the best cable. China clone V5 the one with real PIC18F458 works with 08/2010 china.

4) 150-200 Euros for an EU clone which is a disgrace (they neither made the original software, nor hardware, nor license hack, they just pick up the profit by selling for ridiculous amount somebody else’s work). I would rather to spend €16.99 Free shipping worth v5 from China. It works.

opcom fw 1.45 customers feedback
1) I did a quick test on Astra J 2013 year and it worked well. Connection to all modules. In some of them there are only error reading but anyway it is a big progress since the 2010 version and a light at the and of a tunnel for future updates.
2) I try on astra-h working good firmware 1.45
3) Vectra B 2.0 dtl. All work.
4) corsa c z10 work ok
5) opel vivaro 2002 1.9dti work
6) work fine with Astra 2012, 2.0 diesel
7) opel vectra c 2004 all ok.
8) Woks Ok for me in all modules ,the program update firmware but all is ok
I made a diagnose on all controlers of a corsa c 2001 z10 xe. And work fine.
9) Tested on Vectra b and it’s working like a charm.

2. PCB board/ look inside
Latest V1.59Firmware PCB
Latest V1.45 Firmware PCB
True V1.39 Firmware PCB
3. update clone Opcom firmware to 1.59 procedure
1): Download free 2014 op-com software, and install the program.
2010.08 opcom clone software Free download link:
2): Connect Op com 2014 china clone to the computer, and install the drivers correctly, Note: make sure disconnect the internet.
3): Open the OCflash and update the op-com with firmware 1.59 HEX file
4): Open the vaux-com software version is 2012.08, you can check opcom firmware version is upated to 1.59.