Confirmed! VVDI Key Tool is able to VW 48 96 bit transponder

Programmeur De Clef Xhorse

Confirmed! VVDI Key Tool is able to copy VW 48 96 bit transponder. It has a good success!

It’s very easy. Collect data of the original key and then upload data to write to the new chip. That’s all.

Here is the how-to’s in detail.

The VVDI Keytool and app on an Android device, the key..


The dash


Note: All will be done on the bench

Connect the Keytool and the phone via Bluetooth

vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-3 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-4 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-5

Vvdi key tool is gonna copy the chip


Search the result


Put KEY TOOL antenna close to ignition switch

collect data:

if the original key is not a smart one, insert the original key, turn on ignition, then turn off, put out the original key

repeat the procedures above until sniffer data complete.

if the original key is a smart one, take out the battery of the original key, then put it close to the coil detection area and light up cluster, turn off the ignition switch, move away the original key

repeat the procedures above until sniffer data complete.

vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-8 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-9 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-10 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-11 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-12

Successfully collected data


Put the original key into the KEY TOOL coil, then upload data

vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-14 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-15

Calculating…need 1.5 minutes around


Don’t move the original key


Verify the original key


The last calculation success


Verify the original key


Read id48 successfully


Put the new key (chip) into the coil, and Keytool app writes data into it

vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-22 vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96bit-tutorial-23

Copy id48 successfully


Test the new key

It’s working



Xhorse VVDI key tool is verified to copy id48 96 bit without any issue!