Mitsubishi L200 Remote Program: Done with SBB2 and VVDI Keytool

Programmeur De Clef

Tested successfully! Super SBB2 and VVDI Key tool can program remotes to Mitsubishi L200!

Car: Mitsubishi L200 TRITON >-2011


Tools for use:

Super SBB2 key programmer

VVDI Keytool

The test:

In SBB2:

Select a car: China – Select from vehicle – L200 TRITON – > -2011 – Type 1

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-1 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-2 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-3 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-4

Start to program remotes


Switch ignition on

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-6 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-7

The function will erase all remotes


All current remotes are erased


Number of remotes programmed: 0

Press each remote control UNLOCK key for 3 times within 30 seconds

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-10 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-11 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-12

Programming complete


Test the new key programmed

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-14 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-15

Go to program keys

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-16 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-17 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-18

Security verification failed

In VVDI key tool:

sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-19 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-20 sbb2-vvdi-keytool-Mitsubishi-L200-21

Job’s done!

The car can start with both new keys!

original:Mitsubishi L200 Remote Program: Done with SBB2 and VVDI Keytool