Comment renouveler Renault 433MHz Remote ID46 HITAG2 7941: Outil clé VVDI FAIT!

Confirmé! L’outil clé Xhorse vvdi  est capable de renouveler / déverrouiller la télécommande Renault 433 MHz avec le transpondeur ID46 HITAG2 7941. Voici les étapes avec une explication d’images. Étape 1: Démontage et connexion de la carte clé Étape 2: lisez les informations du transpondeur Étape 3: renouveler la télécommande Étape 4: relisez les informations du transpondeur En détail…. Étape 1: Démontage et connexion de la carte clé Sortez le tableau intériContinue Reading→

How to make Renault Peugeot remotes work? After key unlocked by VVDI Keytool?

Possible to make Renault and Peugeot remotes work after key unlocked VVDI KEY TOOL Unlock Renault and Peugeot Success but remote stop working! Replied: When resetting must config to work remote . Use info from new unlocked key. Unlocking not = that key is config and work with car. Transponder yes , but remote must config. Use VVDI-key tool to generate remote for model you want , and copy pages to unlocked key. You can copy pages, with HITAG section of some tool. Remote stop total work Continue Reading→

How to exchange VVDI MB tool token

VVDI MB token exchange steps: 1. Connect vvdi mb and vvdi key tool to computer and run ‘upgrade kit ‘ for binding vvdi mb to your account 2. Log in your account and link the vvdi mb to your accout 3. Use the app of vvdi key tool for exchange tokens as you want PS: 1. An account can be bound to multiple devices. Can’t disband after , can’t unbinding after binding Continue Reading→

ONLINE or OFFLINE? VVDI Keytool copy Ford/Mazda/Lincoln 63 40bit & 83 80bit chip

Ford/Mazda/Lincoln 4D 63 40bit & 83 80bit chip copy with VVDI Key tool: Yes or NO? Here you go. First, chip 4D 63 40bit & 83 80bit: Yes or No? Both YES! VVDI Key Tool chip 4D 63 40bit: confirmed! VVDI Key Tool chip 4D 83 80bit: confirmed! Second, chip copy: online or offline? Ford 4D 63 40bits: no need to copy chips online Ford 4D 83 80bits: MUST calculate chip data online Test 1: VVDI keytool online adds spare a key to Ford Fiesta 4D83 80bit Car: Ford Fiesta the year 2014 Chip: 4D83Continue Reading→

VVDI Key Tool and Volvo: Yes or No?

VVDI Key Tool Volvo – Tips from Samic, This is XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Volvo – Tips from Samic, Volvo model is special for collecting data from switch. usually the ignition signal for acquisition every 15mins will be changed for one time. such as: if you use VVDI KEY TOOL to collect data within 5mins several times, you will get stuck at 1/8 collect data. You have to wait around 15mins later then do next time collect data, then will get 2/8 collContinue Reading→

Copy 96 BIT ID48: Keytool faster & easier than VVDI2

Key for VW Transporter 2012 Id48 done with Français VVDI Key tool ! 5 minutes’ job by OBD. Easier and faster to do it with VVDI2 through obd It takes 5min only, although it showed me 180min other day. The calculation time is short. Followed the how-to’s here: The OBD Copy 48 list I have Continue Reading→

Confirmed! VVDI Key Tool is able to VW 48 96 bit transponder

Confirmed! VVDI Key Tool is able to copy VW 48 96 bit transponder. It has a good success! It’s very easy. Collect data of the original key and then upload data to write to the new chip. That’s all. Here is the how-to’s in detail. The VVDI Keytool and app on an Android device, the key.. The dash Note: All will be done on the bench Connect the Keytool and the phone via Bluetooth Vvdi key tool is gonna copy the chip Search the result Put KEY TOOL antenna close to ignition switch collContinue Reading→

How to copy Volvo ID48 chip with VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool Volvo review: Volvo model is special for collect data from switch, usually the ignition signal for acquisition every 15mins will change one time. such as:if you use VVDI KEY TOOL to collect data within 5mins several times, you will get stuck at 1/8 collect data. have to wait around 15mins later then do next time collect data, then will get 2/8 collect data. In detail… First off, I copy a lot of ID48 Volvo keys… Most models are 5 minute wait in between, some are no wContinue Reading→

KeyDIY KD-X2 Reviews

KD-X2 KeyDIY remote generator review: Keydiy KD-X2 ID48 96 bit copy: free 48 chip clone is not yet activated. KeyDIY factory is moving their online server. They will do an update in May, after the update, all KD X-2 can activate 96 bit 48 chip clone functions freely by the update 96 bit 48 clone functions cost tokens. You can gain tokens by generating remotes using KD X-2 . Generate 5 remotes, gain one tokens. They have not made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 9Continue Reading→

Mise à jour de l’outil clé vvdi Avis – commentaires

Récemment, les clients nous ont répondu au sujet du problème de programmation à distance de VVDI KEY TOOL , le client peut se référer aux informations suivantes 1.Veuillez mettre à jour la dernière version de firmware 2.0.6 première [mise à jour du logiciel version 2.3.9] (toutes versions diffusées sauf la version indienne) 2.Lorsque la programmation de la télécommande est rapide, la version du matériel de rappel est trop faible vos télécommandes doivent être version chContinue Reading→

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