Free download WinOLS v2.24 v1.500 Win10 Win7 WinXP

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Free download WinOLS 2.24WinOLS 1.500 to get it to work on Windows 10/7/XP.

What is WinOLS software: 

The Software WinOLS is the control centre of the whole EVC tuning system. You can show, modify and administrate the EPROM data. The Software BdmToGo can be used alternative to WinOLS to readout and program ECUs with BDM100 programmer.

 WinOLS 1.500 download free:!FIJXjRJb!KbezOPhLDJRVQzbPdq2nPJj-uBXMP5cymlumnwqdxfA

Pass- winols (if not, try: Winols)

WinOLS 2.24 free download on Mega:!AApGDKpL!MV84PFdQIiNFwXdggnSC5yhGe-3edK92weYv0X0tQNA

without PASS

have it on many computers with different systems:
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit

How to install WinOLS 2.24 on Window 32bit:

(this is for FREE WinOLS)

-Extract EVC containt to C:\Program Files\
-Copy : EVC_key.dll and EVClicenseMOD.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32
-Go to C:\Program Files\EVC and run loader_ols_32_XP_free.exe

Note: WinOLS 1.5 and WinOLS 2.24 haven’t been tested by professionals; you’re trying on your own risk.

For use with safety, spend a few dollars to get cheap crack versions that tested no issues:

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WinOLS 2.24 FREE with New Genius:

How to install WinOLS 2.24 on Windows XP or 7 32 bit:

(this is for WinOLS tested versions)

Tested perfectly only under 32 bit systems!!!

First install WinOLS_Testversion.exe & launch program, configure as required

Once the application is opened close it & uninstall via “Add or Remove Programs” via control panel or “Programs & Features” (W7)

Navigate to C:\Program Files

Now copy / paste the “EVC” folder to this location. If you get a question about folder replacement answer “YES TO ALL”

Now navigate to C:\Program Files\EVC

Right click on “loader_ols_32_XP_free.exe” then select send shortcut to desktop (You can rename it later)

Now run the program using the shortcut & you will get a message about the License key completed, click OK

Now run again the program & configure as required ….You should now have a registered version of WinOLS 2.24 Windows 7

if you encounter bug
this are listed to been solved in newer versions so this are normal bugs for 2.24
bugs and version in which they have been solved

Fixed Displayed % values could be wrong for maps with offset 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed Pasting in a Hexdump stopped at column end instead of continuing in the next line 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed Copy/Paste from Excel didn’t work for mirrored data 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed Copy/Paste from Excel didnt work in map axis data 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed Mini pictures were wrong for inverse A2L maps 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed WinOLS could claim incorrectly that an update was mandatory 2.29 21.09.2012
Fixed Checksum could switch project from Bsl to Bdm 2.30 12.10.2012
Fixed ProjectOpen: Immediate typing after open extended the search string instead of replacing it 2.30 12.10.2012
Fixed Differences start/max sometimes werent initialized 2.30 12.10.2012
Fixed Column display could be shown wrong for float 2.28 10.09.2012
Fixed Drag+Drop import of zip with bin+ifo was imported as 2×8 2.28 10.09.2012
Fixed Map list: Mini pictures where wrong for float 2.28 10.09.2012
Fixed Differences dialog: Ctrl+A now faster 2.28 10.09.2012
Fixed Synchronising float values as % didnt work 2.28 10.09.2012
Fixed Crash in map search 2.28 10.09.2012