Lonsdor K518ise and Ford Ranger 2017: Yes or No

Possible to make a new key to Ford Ranger with Lonsdor K518ise?

Lonsdor K518 and 2017 Ford Ranger in Australia:


This is also 2017 Ford Ranger in Australia and there are two obd ports.

So, with K518, no luck with Ford Ranger?


Lonsdor K518 is confirmed to program a new key to Ranger.

Here’s the test.

Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket
Turn ignition ON
Select Immobilizer->Ford->Ranger->Immobilizer->Add a key

Turn ignition off

Lonsdor K518ISE read vehicle part number, VIN and current key numbers

Reading Pin code in progress

Read pin code success. write down the pin code.
Insert new key and turn ignition on

Lonsdor K518 identified number of keys programmed:3

Program success.
Test the remote key.