Confirmed! CGDI MB can OBD correct odometer for Mercedes

Programmeur De Clef

CGDI Prog MB updated: (04-06-2018)

  1. Add direction lock simulator function: support direction lock simulator to unlock with one click, write data by one click, read password by one click;
  2. Add the direct writing direction lock password function, needn’t to wipe out the data of the lock before synchronize ;
  3. AddOBD odometer correctionfunction, currently supports meter type:
  4. Add gateway EE/FLASH OBD direct reading and writing operations, currently supports gateway types:
    C_Class_W204, E_Class_W211, E_Class_W212, CLK_X204, CLK_W207, SLS_W197, CLS_W218
    M_Class_W164, R_Class_W251, SLK_R171, GL_X164,
    S_Class_W221, CL_W216
  5. Add non-HC05 lock format file, original data type save function, then modify the Mercedes lock data with one click;
    6. Fixed the problem that a few BE keys could not be read after they were written;
    7. Add a button to clear the DTC function;
    8. Fix the problem that some of the geared computers cannot be wiped out;

CGDI MB is working perfect:

cgdi-mb-working-1 cgdi-mb-working-2 cgdi-mb-working-3 cgdi-mb-working-4 cgdi-mb-working-5

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