NEW VPECKER E4 Phone Android Diagnostic Tool (€259)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

VPECKER E4 phone, android based multi-functional diagnostic Application in the phone by IDUTEX, covering over 73 manufactures.

VPECKER-E4 Android Introduction:
Vpecker E4, android based multifunctional diagnostic tool with 8 inch tablet developed by IDUTEX, covering over 78 manufactures from Asia(China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia ), America, Europe, Australia, featuring powerful diagnosing functions with overall special functions(resetting & coding & programming) , and professional data replay, data stream analysis for automobile repacking, It meets the customer’s requirement and would be the best choice for workshops and mechanics.

Vpecker E4 include global version, Chinese version, Indian version, Malaysian version, Taiwan version, Australian version, now it supports 22 languages, plan to support 50 languages.

activate-0 activate-1 activate-2 Apps Apps1 Brand-selection data-manager Data-playback Data-playback1 Diagnose-1 Diagnose-2 diagnose-3 Diagnose-4 Diagnose-5 Diagnose-6 Diagnose-7 Diagnose-8 Diagnose-9 Diagnose-10 Diagnose-11 Diagnose-12 Diagnose-13 Diagnose-13 Diagnose-14 Diagnose-15 Diagnose-16 Diagnose-17 Diagnose-18 Diagnose-19 Diagnose-20 Diagnose-21 Diagnose-22 Diagnose-23 Diagnose-25 Diagnose-26 Diagnose-27 Diagnose-28 Diagnose-29 Diagnose-30 Diagnose-31 Diagnose-32 Diagnose-33 Diagnose-34 Diagnose-35 Diagnose-report-0 Diagnose-report-1 diagnosis-all diagnosis-America diagnosis-Asia-1 diagnosis-Asia diagnosis-China diagnosis-Europe-1 diagnosis-Europe diagnosis-Australia dictionary-0 dictionary-1 dictionary0 dictionary1 DTC-query-1 DTC-Query feedback-0 feedback-1 feedback1 Function-list IDUTEX-Store-0 IDUTEX-Store-1 images install-0 install-1 install-2 languages login0 login1 menu-0 menu-1 quick-support reportmanage run-mode search-engine Search-Engline settings special-function-diagnosis Start system-info unit user-0 user-1 video-manage