Mini Pro TL866A read/write 5P08C3ST95P08ST95080

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Please write good and bad results of Mini Pro TL866 full kit programming 5P08C3 ST95P08 ST95080.


it is a good programmer for the price. read 5p08 many times no problem. If one manufacturer dies to work try another and so on.

I have this programmer, tll866, and I read 5p08c3 but I program on 95080 and put in edc15c2. No problem, 95080 works fine on edc15c2.

I get same error with this programmer. Dump read ok ,but when try to program after dump mod. I can’t write it. And if i read dump and don’t mod dump i can write it back.

This programmer it’s no good for 5p080. UPA it’s good for this eeprom.

Tried it with upa and xprog. Don’t read it at all. Reads all 00 FF 78
I mean with 95080 option.

5P08C3 i tried to read with TL866 and it read it wrong. Writing not possible.
I do it now with Xprog. It is cheaper to use the right tool than mess up the original dump…

I can say some history about this eeproms!
This eeprom is very sensitive with temperature you can become strange problemslike
Not Read write
Only read
Only write
This eeprom have temperature limitations 400℃ for MAX 6 sec.

Failed to program (write) 5P08C3 with TL866 (it is an immo off operation for Citroen Berlingo ECU Bosch EDC15c2)

With my Minipro tl866A I can read the chip as ST95080 but i can`t write it, or I don`t know how…
There are some option in the config region, I try it all …but with same result.

Good tips for you if you fails to read:

First:Have you desolder eeprom from board?

It needs to be desoldered… and reading and writing attempts by an verified adapter

Second: Something wrong with your programmer?

Better test it with some other chips tocheck if it can read/write perfect, without any issue.

Third: You use correct adapter for ST95P08?

5P08C3 is ST95P08.both 5p08c3 and ST95P08 are out of production – they are 1999 models. The new equivalent one is ST95080 – it is the same chip with better data storage and capabilities.
Imagine that I am asking here after a long research on the internet about this problem.
The main opinion is that you can use TL866 for writing 5p08c3 as an 95080

Have fun.