How to read Opel EDC17C59 Insignia 2013 by NEW KTAG FW 7.020?

This blog is going to tell you 2 things:

  1. Brand-new 2017 KTAG FW 7.020 Ksuite V2.23 is now available!
  2. Newly tested KTAG Firmware 7.020 read 2013 Opel Insignia EDC17C59 ECU OK!

All you need:

KTAG Cable 14P600KT02

16-way rainbow ribbon cable 144300T105

Two 470 Ohm resistors

Solder wire

KTAG Firmware 7.020 read Opel EDC17C59 pinout& wiring diagram

Solder the two 470 Ohm resistors on the pads as picture:

Solder a wire joining the two pins BOOT and solder a wire to pin CNF1 as picture:

Use the Cable 14P600KT02 to connect KTAG with ECU EDC17C59 as picture:

Solder the rainbow ribbon cable 144300T105 to the pads as picture: (Make sure not to make short circuit between the pads)

So connect KTAG 7.020 with Opel EDC17C59 ECU like this:

After that, open K-Suite V2.23 software.

Choose “OPEL”→ “Insignia”→ the right “BOSCH EDC17C59” and click “OK”.

Choose “BOSCH EDC17C59 IROM TC1767 OPEL GPT (P688)”.

Click “Read” to read ECU data and wait it complete 100%!

Tips: (SE135) KTAG FW 7.020 PCB Board for checking