Carprog V8.21 clear airbag crash data Citroen Xsara  OK

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It’s tested OK to clear/remove/reset airbag crash data for Citroen Xsara EEPROM 95080 using Carprog FULL V8.21! Easy to do just use the A6 Clip Cable! Check below steps with pictures. Hope it helps.


It’s Autoliv airbag ECU module, part number: 600 32 74 00 from a Citroen Xsara.

Remove the airbag module and open it.

Use the Carprog A6 Clip to connect the airbag module with Carprog Programmer.

Follow as below picture: connect Carprog A6 Clip with 95080 EEPROM chip properly.

carprog-v8-21-clear-airbag-crash-data-citroen-guide-2 carprog-v8-21-clear-airbag-crash-data-citroen-guide-3

Open Carprog Software V8.21. (Tip: Latest Carprog Software Crack now is Carprog 10.05)

Go to “Citroen”→ “Direct”,

select the car model: Xsara,

manufacturer: Autoliv

part number: 600 32 74 00


Click “Read” to first read EEPROM chip data.


Click “Find Crash” after that you can see the status is “Crash Found”.


Click “Clear Crash” to Carprog will clear all Citroen SRS crash data!


Then you can see the status turn to “Crash not Found” that means success!