Read BMW Siemens MS45, what ECU Programmer?

Programmeur De Calculateur

I have a customer who recently bought an E46 330ci that runs MS45. He need to read/write Siemens MS45 but do not know what ECU tuning kit should go for? MPPS, KESS V2 or Fgtech galletto hardware? here offers some suggestions:

First of all, see the Siemens MS45 ECU pinouit
MS45 is only able to read/write via BDM! So MPPS, KWP2000+ and cheap Galletto 1260 ECU flasher will not work.

1. FgTech Galletto V54 BDM-OBD-Tricore Mater version is the first consideration to read BMW MS45/MS43 via BDM. MS45 is in the safte zone.

2. Using Xprog-M as BDM unit. BDM is capable of full read and write.

3. K-TAG Ksuite works some ECU via BDM as well. Some have tested and reported that Ktag will read/write MS45.

KESS V2 does not support read ECU via BDM. But some expert can use Alientech KessV2 to read/write MS45 through OBD port. We do not recommend kess v2 only if you have original one.