Toyota door lock/unlock with Techstream: by the user or dealer?

Possible to enable or disable the door lock/unlock by the Toyota owner? Yep! It can be done with a cheap Techstream cable. That is the the best part! It can be done by the end user. :-) The door lock/unlock can be enabled/disabled, and there are two enabled modes. One is shift linked locking (default), the other is speed triggered locking. Unlocking can be park linked (default) or driver’s door open linked. I think the dealer needs to do this, at least according to the first paragraphContinue Reading→

How to add a NEW or USED smart key with Toyota Techstream

Here is a lot of information about Toyota smart keys programming (new or used key), in threads via Toyota forums and throughout the web Note that this is not the original. It’s shared by -Unknown- from (BIG THANKS to his great contribution) Purpose: To add a Smart Key (a used one) to a car with a Smart Key System (aka SKS), which is a car that doesn’t have a traditional ignition key (you push a “Start” button instead) Total cost: under $100 CContinue Reading→

Which Techstream version for customize settings?

I been trying to set up Techstream for months and gave up. Followed step and just can never seem to get it working Did a lot of searching but can’t find the answer. I have version 12 installed but don’t have a customize button to change my seat belt chimes. It connected for me. I tried it on win 10 64 but didn’t work. So I connected it on window 7 32. I can see malfunctions and clear my tpms light but no customize button. Thinking they might have changed it from another versContinue Reading→