Comment faire pour récupérer FTDI EEPROM si Galletto est pas reconnu

Ceci est l’instruction sur la façon de récupérer FTDI EEPROM même si Galletto est pas reconnu correctement par Windows. Outils i utilisé est FGTech Galleto 54 de la Chine, avec le lien: Téléchargement gratuit Galletto V54 FTDI fichiers: Galletto_V54_FTDI_Full_Recovery.rar… Continue Reading

How to recover FTDI eeprom if Galletto is not recognized

This is the instruction on how to recover FTDI eeprom even if Galletto is not recognized correctly by Windows. Tools i used is FGTech Galleto 54 from China, with the link: Free download Galletto V54 FTDI files: Galletto_V54_FTDI_Full_Recovery.rar FILES… Continue Reading

Renault Siemens sirius 32 ECU tuning, what programmer?


Questions before entering: To read and program Renault Laguna 1.6 Siemens sirius 32  ECU, which ECU chip tuning tool?   Our engineer and customer have tested and suggests following 4 ecu programming tools and ways:   TL-866 Mini pro programmer   If you are planning to… Continue Reading