(solved) Multi Diag Access J2534: VCI serial not found

[:en](Solved) Error: “VCI serial not found” in Actia Multi Diag Access J2534 O.S.: 2 different laptops with 2 fresh installation off windows XP VCI serial : A070026 Procedure: Step 1: Installation of multidiag office Step 2: open multi diag after installation, choose USB Actia Passthru Step 3: Enter VCI serial : A070026 And all the time i get the “VCI serial not found”, anyway i cancel that Windows. Put the Serial number get by the Keygen, and even in the Multidiag offContinue Reading→

Actia Multi diag truck, download, price, review

It’s about Actia Multi diag 2017 2016 2015 2014 2011 download, price, truck, review. Here you go. Part 1: Actia Multi diag download Actia Multi-Diag 2017 download: https://mega.nz/!945lXbKY!D_x6TYkrAUPkbmtdxd-JhZg1992ztR92OYgdmrI6gr4 2016 2015 2014 multi diag access j2534 download: https://mega.nz/F!WUEnXK7I!M8Wg4MHBX0jLFTeRBoXz1w Part 2: Actia Multi diag price It is for those who don’t care about items clone or genuine. obd2 france store offers actia diagnostics software crack but tested nContinue Reading→

Free download ACTIA Multi-Diag I-2017 2016 2015 software

Pay attention mates! Here you can free download latest ACTIA Multi-Diag 2017 truck software! And also ACTIA Multi-Diag 2016 2015 previous versions available. ACTIA Multi Diag I-2017+ SP2+ SP3 Download Free, No Pass: I-2017 39.08 I-2017 SP2 39.21 I-2017 SP3 39.31 https://mega.nz/#!945lXbKY!D_x6TYkrAUPkbmtdxd-JhZg1992ztR92OYgdmrI6gr4 Year / Release Date: 2017 Version: 39.31 System requirements: Microsoft® Windows® XP 32-bit SP3 and higher 1 GHz processor 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) Language:Continue Reading→

Which Actia Multidiag clone should buy?

I want to buy an Actia Multi diag China clone. On the http://www.obd2diy.fr/ I see prices between 160-300USD. What is the difference, only software version? Can someone tell me which I should buy? Will I be able to install 2016 software on cheap 160$ version? Clone Actia Multidiag Reviews: What you find is the Chinese version 2013.1 Version 2016 can not be determined, it is necessary to flash chips. The Chinese version uses a broken software, legal will never be, you can not use the InternetContinue Reading→

Un conseil pour installer ACTIA Multi-Diag 2016

2016 ACTIA MULLER Multi-Diag ACCESS XS est une valise diagnostic multimarque de haute performance, il diagnostique toutes les principales marques et est un logiciel convivial qui vous fera rapidement un “Pro Diag”! Si on installe le logiciel et problème de pilote, ou le logiciel indique message d’erreur suivant :  acti-diag an internal error as occured    et le programme se bloque, vous pouvez réparer en suivant le conseil ci dessous: 1. Trouver C: /ACTIA /MULTIDContinue Reading→

How to install I-2016 Actia Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru?

Here is I-2016 Actia Multi-Diag J2534 software installation guide step by step for you! Check below and start! Step 1 Open Actia Multi-Diag 2016 software “I 2016_36.05 (E:) “. Copy SN 033918.txt to desktop and open Actia Multi-Diag 2016 setup.exe. You will see Multi-Diag Office InstallShield Wizard. Click “Next”, “I accept…” then “Next”. Copy the SN “033918” from txt file and click “Next”. Select the setup type: Continue Reading→