Carprog full read Motorola MCU MC68HC05E6

Programmeur De Calculateur

This is Motorola MCU MC68HC05E6 reading with Carprog programmer full kit (with A10 adapter).

Read in key the MCU MC68HC05E6(0F82B)


CarProgread Opel HC05 PIN

(it’s Opel immobiliser 1996-1998)


NOTE: for HC05, HC08, HC11, HC12, you need an A10 adapter or just buy Carprog full kit with 21 adapters

Carprog A10 adapter wiring diagram:


CarProg A10 adapter crossreference to others tools cables


An important note-

Carprog programmer should work if it doesn’t then its wired incorrect to chip or other pins need lifting

UPA 1.3 would be better for this then you can run connection test and work out which pin/wire is wrong or which pin needs lifting