Experience with China Lexia 3 on Mitsubishi – disable TPMS, DRL, Seatbelt warning

I recently got a China Lexia 3 diagnostic tool with Diagbox and PP2000. Paid $130 including shipping through DHL. It took about 5 days to arrive. The device itself seems quite solid, heavy and reliable. See first picture below: I hooked the Lexia 3 V48 up my Outlander, and had no problem turning on some options including the speeding warning – it kicks in at about 117 kmh – IMHO it is quite useful. I have been playing with it for days and it is able to do the things I need it to Continue Reading→

Using exp. with Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagnostic Interface

A friend of mine got a Lexia 3 and PP2000 not the latest version. He made some problem when update the diagbox. Following part displays the problem and solution. Problem: After got Lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic interface, it asked for an update. He tried to install the diagbox on a Wi-Fi enabled Toshiba laptop running Windows XP Professional operating system, of course with a tutorial video. He found that he had to uninstall the PP2000 files manually because the control panel “Remove program” uContinue Reading→

Lexia 3 PP2000 Diagbox Customer Service Option List

What customer features will Lexia 3 v48 PP2000 v25 Daigbox v7.76 do for PSA Peugeot and Citroen vehicles? Questions before entering: I have two questions about Lexia 3 and Diagbox. I want to enable cornering illumination of the fog lamps. It is possible to turn on this feature by Diagbox? My second purpose is to activate window lift by remote control. It is useful for the hot days when you want to let some fresh air into car from a distance before getting on. I think this is also possible by Continue Reading→

What Citroen C4 and C5 functions can be enabled via Lexia 3?

Here is a list including Citroen C4 and C5 functions that can be programmed via Lexia 3 V48 diagnostic tool so you can see what it might be possible to add / is missing from your car. This list is applicable to C4 and C5 because they share the same computer. The reliable Leixa 3 scanner is available in this shop: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/lexia-3-pp2000-citroen-peugeot-diagnostic-interface.html Customer Options On-the-move locking option Detection of driver’s seat belt not fastened PrContinue Reading→

Lexia 3 found P0485 from 2004 Citroen C3 HDI

Here I would like to share my experience troubleshoot climate and radiator fan issue. Hope it helps anyone. I have 2004 C3 HDI, with smart fan 1253h3, has ABS with no esp and automatic climate. When I switch climate on or heat bar 3 dash warms and beeps 3 times and all the heat lights come on. I noticed that if engine warning light on everything is ok when engine warning light turn off on the dashboard fan not cuts in and the problem comes back. I changed engine heat sensor, thermostat, contrContinue Reading→

Lexia 3 Diagbox v7.02 installation and activation error solution

One of the Lexia 3 v48 Peugeot Planet PP2000 v25 Diagbox v7.76 interface users came across lexia 3 Diagbox and turn to obd2diy.fr engineer for help. Following are the detail problem and solution provided. Problem: When installing and activating lexia 3 Diagbox software for PSA Peugeot and Citroen, the Lexia 3 interface program display an error message: (display picture below) There was an AUTHENTIFICATION windows asked to enter the user name and password. CONFIRMATION MESSAGE Important: if Continue Reading→

Multilanguage PTT 2.04.66 Developer Tool Plus v2.2 (Acpi+) available at obd2diy.fr

New released software: PTT 2.04.66 Developer Tool Plus v2.2 (Acpi+) is newly released at obd2diy.fr, which is verified working with Volvo Renault MACK. PTT Developer Tool will be very popular among many technicians who in need of it. PTT 2.04.66 Developer Tool Plus v2.2 (Acpi+) highlights: This is Development version of Ptt Dev2tool, database is development version, support EURO5/EURO6 Programming, add new option for filter control unit and parameter group. Engineer online install software wiContinue Reading→

correction de l’odomètre de PSA, Digiprog 3 V4.94 ou PSA BSI V1.2

Comment choisir un outil de correction de kilométrage bon pour le groupe PSA Peugeot ou Citroën a été interrogé entre Peugeot et Citroën propriétaires / mécanique. L’outil de correction de kilométrage de deux PSA respecté haut sont PSA BSI et Digiprog 3. Quelle est la différence entre les deux? PSA BSI V1.2 est l’outil d’affaires pour Peugeot et Citroën. Il peut être utilisé pour lire et écrire eeprom de BSI, la programmation nouvelle BSI de KM et ainsi de suiContinue Reading→

Benz W204 correction 09 odomètre avec Digiprog 3 via OBD

Ce qui suit est une instruction étape par étape sur la Mercedes Benz W204 correction 2009 kilométrage utilisant Digiprog outil de correction 3 odomètre via OBD binnen 5 minutes sans dissimuler le tableau de bord. Instruction: Branchez directement Digiprog outil de correction de kilométrage 3 V4.94 via la prise de diagnostic OBD Allumez l’appareil Entrez le mot de passe (par défaut sous tension mot de passe 1) Vérifiez le kilométrage sur le tableau de bord Sélectionnez “PContinue Reading→

Digiprog 3 DP3 correction du compteur kilométrique connecteur d’outil brochage

Digiprog III (DigiProg 3 or DP3) V4.94 odometer correction tool package complet avec tous lescâbles et les connecteurs nécessaires, listes comme projets: 1pc x Digiprog3 unité principale 1pc x OBD2 Câble 1set x Câbles et adaptateurs qui comprennent: ST01 8 Pin SOIC clip ST04 8 Pin Dill Chip clip (ST01 et ST04 sont-utilisés pour éliminer les puces als vous kilomètrage de programme pour certains modèles de voitures. Une extrémité du câble ST01 par câble et ST04 agrafer le chip, et Continue Reading→

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