How to update XPROG-M V5.0 without dongle to XPROG-M V5.74?

Here is a guide to show how you update XPROG-M V5.0 Box ECU Programmer without dongle to XPROG-M V5.74! Note: You try this method with luck and your own risk. You also need: ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M Free download XPROG Box V5.7.4 software:!PQUzGAKI!LuBfkREVI9vnjPtPKlhdjbv6welC8GkHoZM4Bm9wois Free download XPROG Box V5.7.4 setup exe:!vUknWAaZ!VwXXnaREXg4oRFRUYkvmPpkdEyj6ILX4hiEL3obYhMg XPROG-M V5.0 software update to XPROG-M V5.74 guide Unzip thContinue Reading→