VAS5054A adapter clone PCB Difference

VAS5054A adapters clone are multi-choice, they differ from each other in price & PCB chips being used. Question arise which one has the better quality? And what’s the difference between these one and the one with OKI chip? Here we go. Part 1: the differences: Differ in price: good clone VAS5054A price usually range 90dollars and up. Differ in PCB: Here I only list the available top 4 versions well-received ones: l Best Green PCB   With AMB 2300 (works more stably) With OKI chip (Continue Reading→

Anyone has good success with VAS5054A ODIS-S 4.1.4?

(08.2017) Free download clone VAS 5054A ODIS-S 4.1.4 software crack, install on Windows 7 system, read reviews of ODIS-Service 4.1.4. Part 1: VAS 5054A ODIS-S 4.1.4 software crack download & install ODIS 4.1.4 Offboard DiagSetup:…MCD_4_1_4- B41_4_0_3.exePatch:!BHRBELxI!4SiHm-fDhYb0UUsh7LXgR ODIS 4.1.4 Post setup:… Odis 4.1.4+ license + launcher + key 4.1.4 – NO Continue Reading→