VVDI Prog vs Xprog Programmer

Topic: Xhorse VVDI Prog and Xprog, which is better? Type VVDI Prog Xprog MC9S12DP crack Yes Yes MC9S12XD crack Yes Yes MC9S12XE crack Yes Yes MC65HC(9)08 crack Yes No CDC32XX crack Will be available Yes M35080V3 erase encrypted sites Yes Yes M35080V6 erase encrypted sites Yes Yes 080D0 erase encrypted sites Yes No 160D0 erase encrypted sites Yes No 24Cxx read/write Yes Yes 24Exx read/write Yes Yes 25Cxx read/write Yes Yes 25xxx read/write Yes Yes 95xxx read/wrContinue Reading→

R270 PCB Rework to Read/Write M35080

I played a few hours with my bad R270 programmer, and I succeeded to make it erase 35080V6/VP in a few minutes. First I changed 7805 with L7805CV, before voltage was 4.94V, after that was 5.02V, but nothing happened, still can’t erase more than hour. after that I started to play with 35080 PCB, and in the end started to erase 35080V6/VP after 74HC125 changed with 74HCT125M, erase 5-10min tried on 3 chips, maybe if I change 74HC00 will be better, but I haven’t one for try. A good tContinue Reading→

R270 CAS4+ programmer read/write 080D0WQ very well

This is how to read, erase and write 080D0WQ using R270 programmer 080D0WQ R270 programmer reads 080D0WQ R270 BDM programmer erases 080D0WQ R270 CAS4+ programmer writes 080D0WQ R270 CAS4+ programmer successfully read , erase and write080D0WQ without any issues.Of course, you need luck with a good quality tool . Credits to the R270 programmer’s contributor: http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/r270-v120-cas4-bdm-programmer-629.html Continue Reading→