How to use Tech 2 clone for programming with TIS2000

Will share my experience with you all. It’s about my Tech 2 china clone and vehicle programming. I bought my Tech2 from and it works great. Cannot really compare software with a Tech2 as that is comparing hardware to a program. That being said, there is a software side of things that work alongside the Tech2 which is the TIS2000 software. Getting that working is a bit of a project in and of itself as the software is old and seems to work best on Windows XP. The TIS20Continue Reading→

Free Download: GM Tech 2 Tech2Win bin files V182 PCMCIA

Free download GM Tech 2 bin files and Tech2Win bin files on the 32MB PCMCIA card for the GM Tech2 diagnostic scanner via serial cable. ALL FREE FOR YOU, BUT YOU HAVE TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITY OF WHAT YOU’LL TRY. Tech2 software the latest version: North American Operations 30.007 Holden Export 122.001 Suzuki 30.004 SAAB Automobile AB 146.000 Download 1: not tested File including: New version Tech2 PCMCIA 165.000.rar English (used with TECH2 or with TECH2WIN) OpeContinue Reading→