Condor XC Mini Volvo HU56 (Tips from Samic)

FYI, about Volvo HU56R Condor XC Mini machine database the key thickness is 3mm and cutting depth is 1.25mm but if fact, users key is different, thickness is 2.5mm and cutting depth is 1mm. so users can use define key data first,named ‘HU56R-1_U’, later we will find a better solution. 1.connect PC to Condor machine 2.use attached software, sync’HU56R-1_U’ to condor machine ‘cut by bitting’—enter’HU56R’you will find HU56R-1_Continue Reading→

Volvo HU56 key cutting and decoding with Condor XC-Mini

This is how to do decoding and cutting the Volvo HU56 key using the Condor Mini key cutting machine. Volvo HU56 key Select ‘Cut by Bitting’ located on the right of the screen (note you can also search by vehicle) Select HU56R from the menu. You will be given 2 options, select the bottom option The next screen shows you which jaw to use and which line to align the key to. Insert the key into the jaw and align to the correct alignment line and clamp tight. Once the original kContinue Reading→

Téléchargement gratuit du logiciel Condor XC-MINI V5.0.1

V5.0.1 Condor MINI Informations de mise à jour: Téléchargement gratuit V5.0.1 Condor XC-MINI Update Software!QTx3yYKb!OW3Mc4sBaMqUSCUfWtPM4__Od-OPkemRe2j4EfPHRLo Modify Mahindra (Inde) / XYLO et SCORP10 Honda Cycles (Inde) / activa 3G Hero (Inde) / Splendeur Minda, TVS (Inde) / Tata (Inde) / Ace, Suzuki (Inde) / Accès (Nouveau) HondaCycles (Inde) / Spark Minda, SuzukiCysles (Inde) / Accès (Nouveau), Héros (Inde) / Splendeur Minda Honda (Inde) / BRIO, Tata (Inde) / VistContinue Reading→

V4.0.1 Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine Update SW Download

Notice: Condor XC-MINI V4.0.1 software is released on 06.16.2017! Here you can download Condor XC MINI V4.0.1 and check the update info to know what’s new! Download Condor XC MINI Key Cutting Machine software V4.0.1:!a8I1yQBQ!LegAWNhWq2Pm_lh_hNBZs1fv8g-qDMJwSMV08tcWDOU Condor XC MINI V4.0.1 Update Information +Add universal key decode function +Add M2-D function +Add motor sensor testing function *Modify probe/cutter detection *Fix machine may crash error problem *Fix Continue Reading→