(02.2018) Carprog v10.93 download FREE for airbag reset

Free download Carprog v10.93 software https://mega.nz/#!KldXxZyD!1d2qby2kXoR21Nlowt32Pq-2nQgkTFl_xi1mEcEC56s New online version: 10.93 Security: Unknown- YOU ARE TRYING ON YOUR RISK For sake of security, go to have CarProg 10.05 full perfect version or CarProg 8.21 online version. Both tested successfully and confirmed to work good. Look here: Carprog read/write immo, change km: http://blog.obd2diy.fr/2017/05/05/carprog-8-21-online-readwrite-immo-change-km/ Carprog v10.93 released notes: Continue Reading→