How to convert HALOGEN to LCI HEADLIGHT with a ICOM cable

It’s a HALOGEN TO LCI HEADLIGHT Tutorial!!!! Excuse my English I hope this help some of you guys! In this site you will see the diagram for wiring! Now after you know what your going to do with the wiring uninstall the frm and install frm2. You will need NCS expert and Winkfp and inpa! and the icom cable obd to the computer! when you get the cable just read instruction and you ill be fine.. but just in case if your cable didnt bring the instruction here is how to progContinue Reading→

How to use WinKFP & INPA to find new ZB number

I’d like to explain how to find the right ZB number for anyone out there. 1. Go to Inpa and note the ZB number and ADR through UIF readout. 2. Open C:\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\gdaten\HWNR.DA2 with notepad. 3. The file has lots of numbers in it arranged in sections. Each section start with $SG_ECU-FAMILY. 4. Use Ctrl + F to find the ZB number you got from Step 1. 5. When you do, note the ECU Family. See step 3. 6. Go to winKFP->Comfort mode, choose ZUSB. 7. Select the ECU Family from step 5 Continue Reading→

How to write VIN with BMW ICOM Tool32

Purpose: Tool32 writes VIN on E70 LCI The hardest and mistery part to get Internet/BMW live working is how to write the suitable VIN on the system On E70 LCI Please read the whole procedure before start, you must understand this before you continue. Look for a suitable VIN, this is in your hands you will have to write this VIN in four different parts, Ill teach you how below Start Tool32.exe Press F3 and load cmediar.prg, your PC must be connected via Dcan cable and the link must be workingContinue Reading→