VVDI MB TOOL V3.0.0 Update + Software Download (2017-05-02)

Latest VVDI MB BGA TOOL update notice for sharing: VVDI MB TOOL V3.0.0 is now available to download and update! Check below mega link and update info! Download VVDI MB TOOL Software V3.0.0: https://mega.nz/#!y9okRAgT!DA-JXQQjgG7tXKDrA50LYnMk745H2WlsyDIl4my8qAI Password: 123456 VVDI MB TOOL V3.0.0 Update Information: Require firmware V3.0.0 BENZ V3.0.0 Attention: All user update device to firmware V3.0.0, software V3.0.0 New component released: MB power adapter, contact dealer for payment (Continue Reading→