VXDIAG VCX Nano GM working or not

I am using patched Tech2Win, as provided on CDROM purchased with device and VXDIAG VCX Nano GM off ebay and have not been able to communicate with any modules in a 2001 Holden Vectra JS, same as Opel/Vauxhall Vectra B, with a C22SEL engine. The ECU is identified as a Simtec 56.5. I know that the ECU and Central Door Lock Modules and Immobiliser in the vehicle are not faulty because I can successfully communicate with them using Op Com v1.45 China Clone. I can read DTCs from the ECU modContinue Reading→

VXDIAG VCX Nano GM Good or Not?

VXDIAG VCX Nano GM Review: The device is now 8 months old as I have 80% success to have access to GM vehicles to test them. I purchased it on ebay, through a dealer in China. Now, I am using Tech2Win and VCX Nano GM. The first vehicle I hooked up was a 2004 Chevy cavalier running tech2win. The car was recognized by the software and I was able to read codes, live data, activate special functions. First good impression. But cannot establish communication with any modules in a 2001 Holden VectraContinue Reading→

Which is better LAUNCH vs AUTEL?

Here you go. autel maxisys pro vs launch autel maxidas ds708 vs launch x431 pro autel maxidas ds808 vs launch x431 Autel MaxiDAS DS808 vs Autel DS708 Review: Autel vs Launch autel maxisys pro vs launch: autel maxisys vs launch x431: autel maxisys pro MS908P wins in ECU coding & programming, compared with other diagnostic tablets in the market!!! autel maxidas ds708 vs launch x431 pro: Name Autel MaxiDAS DS708 2017 Launch X431 V 8 inch Picture     Price €750 €1,139 ($Continue Reading→