De Super VAG K + CAN V4.6, V4.8 téléchargement gratuit

Xhorse de Super VAG K + CAN peut être utilisé pour correction du compteur kilométrique, la lecture du code d’accès de sécurité, programmeur principal, outil de réinitialisation de l’airbag, TV activation et de diagnostic pour VW Passat, VW, VW Bora, VW Polo, VW Golf, Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi A4, Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Fabia véhicules Skoda. Voici le téléchargement gratuit V4.6 et V4.8 logiciel Version actuelle: V4.6 / V4.8 Langue: Anglais / Espagnol / Italien / PortuContinue Reading→

Lexus 220D IS 07 fuel injector problem (solved)

Problem: I am driving a Lexus 220D IS 2007. My 220D IS tended to consume premium fuel too much, and the engine has a voice of Peugeot 504. I went to the local dealership and was offered 2 plans at the sum of euro 4000!! Plan A: euro 900+ injector labor, a straw Plan B would be to manage without them, order two new Denso injectors at € 480 and mount them up. The problem is that no so-called « Dieseliste » is seems you able to Toulouse from record the famous injectors clearing ID. I am quiContinue Reading→

How to install Techstream V10.10.018 in Windows 7/8 64bit OS

The tips are for those that are currently trying to use the software Techstream V10.10.018 to change dealer settings on their BRZ/FRS with a MINI-VCI cable & Techstream. Having done Google searches for several hours, and I found that the way of installing TOYOTA Techstream V10.10.08 in 64-bit OS is almost the same as V8.00.034. Here is the ways of installing TOYOTA Techstream V10.10.018 in 64-bit OS, which is I revised on the basis of V8.00.034 (quoted from a forum). So do not care about Continue Reading→

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