Read EEPROM: New Xprog-M 5.84 NO! Old Versions YES!

Confirmed! EEPROM cannot be read using the new Xprog version 5.84 but Xprog-m old versions works perfect. EPPROM option available in Xprog old versions: Xprog M 5.60: Xprog 5.5.5:   About: XPROG-M V5.84   Source:   XPROG-M V5.84 Authorization:… Continue Reading

AURO OtoSys IM600 OBD Diagnostic Programmation de Smart Clé Codage ECU

Auro OtoSys IM600 est un puissant outil de programmation de clés intelligentes, bon à IMMO et la programmation avec des diagnostics de niveau OE et des fonctions de service avancées, effectuées via une tablette tactile de 10,1 pouces basée sur… Continue Reading

How to choose SD card for KESS and KTAG change CID?

SD-cards provided with KESS and KTAG don’t meet the standards to be able to have a serial number (CID) identical between them. Indeed, for the KESS or KTAG to work, the contents of the SD-cards must be encrypted in relation to its… Continue Reading

FGTech V54 reads/writes LUCAS 1708 to 2005 with adapter VOLVO 8pin (FH12)

Clone FGTech V54 and FGTech V53 reads and writes LUCAS 1708 to 2005 by the cable OBD2 + mini adapter + adapter VOLVO 8pin (FH12). Up 2006 years (FH”13″) EMS2 by BDM only, because read only part of the data. EUR 5… Continue Reading

Read Marelli ECUs: MPPS V18 vs BDM100 vs Ktag vs FgTech 4?

Magneti Marelli produces advanced systems and components for the automobile industry. With 89 production units, 12 R&D centres and 26 application centres in 19 countries, more than 38,000 employees and a turnover of 6,5 billion Euro in 2014, the Group supplies… Continue Reading

Free download Carprog v10.05 v9.31 v9.16 v9.08 v8.92 v8.64 v8.00 v7.28 v5.31

Free download Carprog software V5 V7 v8 v9 v10 for airbag reset:!2A9gGQgT!0dVHm-S-Wxwn82BPoBavCQ7lDYG1VmiVR6A5cMziLcw Carprog software included: Carpog 8.00 Carprog 8.03 Carprog 8.10 Carprog 8.17 Carprog 8.38 Carprog 8.64 Carprog 8.92 Carprog 9.04 Carprog 9.09 Carprog 9.13 Carprog 9.16 Carprog 9.31… Continue Reading