Where to get EIS/ELS cables FULL kit for VVDI -MB ?

Mercedes EIS/ELS cables full kit: 100% tested with VVDI-MB Tool http://www.obd2diy.fr/wholesale/eis-elv-test-cables-for-mercedes-works-together-with-vvdi-mb-bga-tool.html CLASSE A B W169   K-line Read/Write W202 W208 W210  K-line Read/Write With this switch, users can free to read/write CPU1 and CPU2. W203   K-line Read/Write 4.203 211 219 209 906 639   K-line Read/Write 202 208 210  K-line Read/Write Gateway simulator 209 211 CAN Read/Write To read/write data, please connect the Continue Reading→

How to exchange VVDI MB tool token

VVDI MB token exchange steps: 1. Connect vvdi mb and vvdi key tool to computer and run ‘upgrade kit ‘ for binding vvdi mb to your account 2. Log in your account and link the vvdi mb to your accout 3. Use the app of vvdi key tool for exchange tokens as you want PS: 1. An account can be bound to multiple devices. Can’t disband after , can’t unbinding after binding Continue Reading→

Comment mettre à jour VVDI MB BGA Tool

VVDI MB Tool Firmware Mise à jour: Le programme va lire la nouvelle version du logiciel de serveur automatiquement 1.Mettre à jour firmware étapes: 1) Connecter VVDI – MB TOOL au PC avec USB câble 2) Choisir VVDI – MB TOOL firmware version dans Firmware Liste 3) Appuyer sur le bouton de mise à jour en ligne, attendez la fin de progression 4) En cas d’échec pour obtenir la liste de firmware ou obtenir quelque chose comme “communicate with server error!” tandis que meContinue Reading→