VAG OBD Helper Review

VAG OBD cable reviews: Review 1: Got a new tool from China, cheap, and it works! Review 2: Nice BUT! Dont forget, it is only to become Data from Car! You need separat Tool to learn the Key’s Review 3: It looks that use the original VAG server. Review 4: it take 3-5 minutes but we need to wait for some real user test Review 5: I gathered that this is a data extraction tool, but for the money and cheap tokens! , its ideal for who evContinue Reading→

VAG (MQB) Key OBD Solution: VAG OBD Assistant Works Perfectly!

What is VAG OBD Assistant Function? Why do you need a VAG OBD Assistant? Where to get VAG OBD Assistant? Vw, Audi, Skoda and other 4th generations of anti-theft system of the cars , in the situation of needing add key or the situation key all lost, the current market equipment can not read anti-theft data (such as Xhorse VVDI2, AVD,I AP PRO, Lonsdor K518ise and other equipment), or need to disassemble the dashboard to get anti-theft data. The steps is complex and risky, and it takes a lonContinue Reading→