Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS USB Programmer support list

Super Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS EEPROM USB Programmer is the newest model of True USB Universal Programmer series from China.  It covers as much as 13137 PCS chips. However the cheap less than 60 euro price sounds like a great deal. Here is the Device Support List: [ ACE ] 71 PCS ACE24C02A ACE24C02A @SOIC8 ACE24C02A @TSSOP8 ACE24C02B ACE24C02B @SOIC8 ACE24C02B @TSSOP8 ACE24C04A Continue Reading→

Renault Siemens sirius 32 ECU tuning, what programmer?


Questions before entering: To read and program Renault Laguna 1.6 Siemens sirius 32  ECU, which ECU chip tuning tool?   Our engineer and customer have tested and suggests following 4 ecu programming tools and ways:   TL-866 Mini pro programmer   If you are planning to work frequently on those ECUs, Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM programmer is not a bad choice. With tsop44 adapter, this tool is very stable for reading F200 flash fitted on Sirius32. FContinue Reading→