Obdstar X300 DP on Renault Laguna: Pull PIN & Add New Keys

Renault Laguna tested with X300 DP Obdstar: correct Pincode read and key program after update renault sw. FREE to pull PIN when all keys are lost: ECU model Auto Identity ● Pin code reading SIEMENS D76F0018 + 95160K LINE (BSI-E0X-00 / BSI-F0X-00) SIEMENS 1L00M + 95128-95256CAN (BSI-S0X-00) CONTINENTAL SC667050 + 95256 CAN (BSI-Q0X-00) JC easyCAN4 + 29LV400BB + 95128 CAN (BSI2004-H0X) JC easyCAN4F1M-32 + 95128 CAN (BSI04EV-K0X) JC SPC560B60 + CAN 95128 (BSI04EV2-KEX) VALEO Continue Reading→

Pourquoi avoir besoin d’acheter OBDSTAR X300 DP full Au lieu de la norme

Service pour obtenir OBDSTAR X300 DP / PRO3 Key Master Configuration full du package: 1.Get EPB + Service d’huile / Reset + Fonctions d’adaptation de la batterie. 2. Rendre OBDSTAR Key Mater plus puissant Retour d’information: « J’ai acheté une licence full et rfdi, je vois que la licence full peut rendre le programme » plus immo « . Continue Reading→

AutoProPad and Obdstar X300 DP, which better?

Found an interesting discussion in a Facebook group. Copied here for all. Hope it helps. Bid thanks to Kin Lee and Andrew Cuillo Topic: AutoProPad and Obdstar X300 DP key master, which one should you have? Kin Lee: That AutoProPad’s the same platform as X-100 Pad 2 & double the cost, after 1st year will cost $900 a year where OBDSTAR’s only $170 a year for updates. Anytime a USA company takes over expect the price to pay much more with promises of good things to come, but wiContinue Reading→

OBDSTAR X300 DP X-300DP PAD et X300 PRO3 nouvelle mise à jour pour psa et renault

OBDSTAR X300 DP et X300 PRO3 nouvelle mise à jour pour psa et renault: Lecture de code pin gratuit pour Peugeot/Citroen/DS toutes les clés perdues ●ECU model Auto Identity     ●Pin code reading Liste supportée: SIEMENS D76F0018+95160 K LINE(BSI-E0X-00/BSI-F0X-00) SIEMENS 1L00M+95128-95256CAN(BSI-S0X-00) CONTINENTAL SC667050+95256 CAN(BSI-Q0X-00) JC easyCAN4+29LV400BB+95128 CAN (BSI2004-H0X) JC easyCAN4F1M-32+95128 CAN (BSI04EV-K0X) JC SPC560B60+95128 CANContinue Reading→

Obdstar X300 DP Pad is a good tool?

^^nedbull^^ Please tell me more about x300dp Obdstar, what you thinks? It’s a good tool? Nedbull: For me it’s very very good. as it includes all the green units F100 to F109, it has alot of token free coverage including it claims Toyota G and H reset, if just 70% of the claimed coverage works then its alot of programmer for the money and paid for and in profit after half a dozen jobs. I’ve used it via OBD for many car’s and it’s working fine (done some mileage adjustmentsContinue Reading→

How to read Renault Grand Scenic pin code by OBDSTAR X300 DP?

It’s very easy OBDSTAR X300 DP X300DP Pad read pin code for Renault Grand Scenic! Just a 2 minute job. Check below how-to steps X300 DP read Renault Grand Scenic pin code fast? First, connect OBDSTAR X300 DP Bluetooth VCI box with Renault Grand Scenic OBD port. Turn on car ignition. Pair the VCI box Bluetooth with OBDSTAR X300 DP. (After success, the VCI box Power indicator and Bluetooth indicator will be both on) Next, enter the main menu and click « Diag Program ». Agree with the Continue Reading→